You may remember us…

The change is bittersweet but we are elated to start on this new venture!


The birth of The 1892


It all started when…

In the summer of 2018 the owner of The Cone Cabin Tyler Ellithorpe approached his right hand (wo)man Nicole Ellithorpe who was managing, cooking, serving, cleaning, prepping, and never resting from the day The Cone Cabin opened until the day it closed with a brilliant idea. It was a very hot summer night and was especially hot inside the building with the grille, fryer and ice cream machines constantly cranking heat when Tyler explained his idea to Nicole.

Immediately the two started brainstorming until they finally realized they had sat outside for three hours and midnight was fast approaching. It was in the following days, weeks and months that this dream of running a bar and restaurant finally started to take shape. After many meetings together, with the local community planning boards, the Adirondack Park Agency (APA) and code enforcers, Tyler and Nicole finally received everyone’s blessings to embark on their new business venture.

The building that housed The Cone Cabin for the previous three years needed to be totally transformed prior to The 1892’s inception, but Tyler and Nicole have hope that what they will be offering is something new, fun and exciting in an area that has been longing for change. With attention to detail, service friendly attitudes, delicious food and a fun atmosphere, they are certain that people will look forward to visiting The 1892 often and throughout the entire year.

The 1892’s name pays homage to ancestral roots and a love for libations. 1892 was the year that both the Adirondack Park was established and the bottle cap was patented. A name that pledged loyalty and appreciation to the Adirondacks and all of its beauty in addition to the occasional enjoyment of a beer or cocktail just felt right.


Fun Facts from 1892

  • The bottle cap was patented

  • Coca Cola Company incorporated

  • 1st concrete-paved street was built (Ohio)

  • US Pledge of Allegiance first recited in public schools during Columbus Day

fun facts from the adirondacks

  • The Hudson River starts here

  • Bigger than all other nat’l parks combined

  • Lake Clear is often times the coldest spot in the NATION!

  • Lake Placid hosted the winter Olympics TWICE!